How this sweet ‘ole SMILEY boy ended up at Stanislaus Animal Shelter unclaimed is unknown; what we do know is Griffin is a sweet super-senior GSDx. He is estimated to be about 10-years-old. He is super sweet and loves all the pets and treats he can get ❤ Griffin is crate-trained, but mostly he is likes hanging out in the grass or just stretched out on the floor underneath your feet ❤

Griffin has had an overall exam and complete blood work (basic panel with chemistries as well) and is overall a healthy senior. He is also heartworm negative and is on prevention. Griffin does have some arthritis/senior dysplasia in his hips, but don’t let that fool you – he can trot quite vigorously in the yard if he wants to stay outside and sleep in the shade!

Griffin’s coat shows he has been outside, at least for a while, without any real grooming, though he doesn’t love the brush as his coat is tangled – his foster family is working through small patches of his coat at a time.

Griffin seems to love EVERYONE and has also shown the ability to get along with other dogs. We do not know if Griffin has ever met a cat. His FAVORITE thing to do is just take each day at a leisure pace!

To apply to adopt Griffin or another rescued GSD, click here: Adoption Application