OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGEGriffin came to our rescue in August from Stanislaus Animal Shelter. A super senior boy, whose time had run out. In a perfect world, we could rescue them all. No dog would be euthanized in a strange place without their families around them, filled with love and sorrow, but we don’t live in a perfect world – this is why we rescue.Griffin (aka Griffy) showed evidence of years of neglect; grossly infected ears, coat matted with debris and stiff from pain of arthritis in his hips – yet, his jovial demeanor and loving goofy ways spread smiles on every person he came in contact with. During Griffy’s time with us, his ears were treated successfully. He had lab work and x-rays. He received pain medications and supplements. Griffy got acupuncture for his painful arthritis and was a favorite at the Animal Rehabilitation Center and Sacramento Animal Hospital where he made his rounds for ALL the cookies he could coax out of them.While Griffin did not get officially adopted, the time that he spent in the care of his loving foster mom, Myra, was everything he deserved his whole life. His ears were healed, his coat was groomed, his nails were cut, he was fed good food, loved, pampered and spoiled. A special thank you to those who donated for his care, the special attention that he received through all the staff/vets that treated him and especially to his foster mom, Myra. Rest easy and fly free buddy ❤

photos courtesy of his foster family

How this sweet ‘ole SMILEY boy ended up at Stanislaus Animal Shelter unclaimed is unknown; what we do know is Griffin is a sweet super-senior GSDx. He is estimated to be about 10-years-old. He is super sweet and loves all the pets and treats he can get ❤ Griffin is crate-trained, but mostly he is likes hanging out in the grass or just stretched out on the floor underneath your feet ❤

Griffin has had an overall exam and complete blood work (basic panel with chemistries as well) and is overall a healthy senior. He is also heartworm negative and is on prevention. Griffin does have some arthritis/senior dysplasia in his hips, but don’t let that fool you – he can trot quite vigorously in the yard if he wants to stay outside and sleep in the shade!

Griffin’s coat shows he has been outside, at least for a while, without any real grooming, though he doesn’t love the brush as his coat is tangled – his foster family is working through small patches of his coat at a time.

Griffin seems to love EVERYONE and has also shown the ability to get along with other dogs. We do not know if Griffin has ever met a cat. His FAVORITE thing to do is just take each day at a leisure pace!

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