Every dog who enters rescue has their own road they travel… some have medical needs, some have some behavioral or training needs, some are ready to be adopted ASAP! Molly entered rescue by a sheer WILL TO SURVIVE!!! We believed that she was in the 7-9 years old range when she came to Shepherds Without Borders rescue, but as Molly spent more time in foster care, it became a little more apparent that she was most likely older. This super special girl has been slowing down, having some difficulty with her eyesight and some other age related issues. As she is with a WONDERFUL foster family where she is HAPPY, LOVED and SAFE; collectively, the foster family and the BoD of Shepherds Without Borders decided that the BEST THING for MOLLY, is allowing her to enter into a FOSPICE scenario. Molly will get to live out her days happy and loved with a home and a family – OUR GOAL FOR EVERY DOG THAT ENTERS RESCUE <3

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Tis the season for shelters to be OVERFULL and that spells disaster for dogs waiting for hope and families; dogs waiting for a miracle ❤


Molly is a coated female GSD. We do not really know Molly’s true age; we think that she is in the 7-9 range. Molly truly knows NO STRANGER. She is insta-friendly with all people and seems especially drawn to the “older human” age group. Molly is GORGEOUS and seems to have been cared for in her past (before the shelter).

She is goofy and zany and will groom you with some flea nibbles to share her love. Molly requires almost no physical activity and prefers to zoom around the yard a few times and come lay at your feet. As Molly is a coated girl, she will require some extra grooming care, but she seems to be quite used to that ❤

Molly is microchipped, up to date on her vaccines, heartworm negative (on prevention). She is crate-trained and housebroken. She rides great in a car and yes, she loves to stick her snout out a bit and let those long locks flow in the wind ❤

Molly prefers no kitties or small dogs in her home and would LOVE to be the only princess – a center of her human’s world, but that’s okay, YOU will be hers ❤

Molly’s Fabio impersonation: https://youtube.com/shorts/2w4Mf_LLg7Y?feature=share

Molly’s goofy side: https://youtube.com/shorts/6V7lr2zSEsU?feature=share

Molly is available for adoption for $550.00. To apply to adopt Molly or another rescued GSD, please click here: Adoption Application


Molly comes to Shepherds Without Borders rescue from Stockton Animal Shelter. We will call her truly a LAST MINUTE save. Molly entered into the shelter in April as a stray. She adores people and was a staff/volunteer favorite. A sweet cup of floof, it appeared someone had shaved part of her long locks and the rest of her coat had lots of debris/matting.

Early in the morning, Molly was slotted for euthanasia and was given premed for the procedure (sedatives). A volunteer for SWB walked into the shelter at 11:35 am and Molly walked out of that shelter (albeit a bit loopy) a few minutes later. This girl came so close to losing her life; so close. Volunteers and staff lined up to see her go, giving her love as she walked out the door and into hope for a new life.

Molly’s freedom walk was a wee bit hampered by some sedatives…. but those eyes…. <3

Due to her extreme sedation, she was taken to Sacramento Animal Hospital to assure she was able to properly metabolize the sedation (please note, often times dogs are given sedation by vets for comfort measures before procedures – we are THANKFUL for this).

Molly is an approximately 6-year-old female shepherd. She is crate-trained, house-broken and knows a brush. This girl seems to have had a family at one time. She rides in a car well and takes treats gently. She is comfortable outside or inside a house. Molly has exhibited a low to moderate drive and prefers to just hang out at your feet for a nice snooze. Her special talent is taking her bowl wherever she goes – “carry my own bowl? – CHECK!”

Molly is scheduled to return to our vet’s office for a heartworm test, updated vaccines and spay check and a much-needed grooming appt. She is microchipped, on flea prevention and has been wormed. We do not know if Molly is good with children, other dogs or cats at this time. We are focused on her vet care and giving her time to decompress from a longer stay at the shelter. More info to come!

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