**ADOPTION ANNOUNCEMENT**Benny came to Shepherds Without Borders after being ran over in a driveway 🙁 After the being contacted by the vet’s office, SWB sprang into action – thanks to our supporters and a great foster home, we were able to offer Benny rescue and get him the surgery he needed, but his story was not over. After recuperating, it was clear that Benny needed physical therapy AND another FHO surgery on the other side – both hips were broken 🙁 A HUGE thank you to the doctors staff of SVRC who went over and above in their care of Benny; especially his new foster mom, who could manage his care and visits easier. Benny is still on his road to recovery with physical therapy, but he is taking it all in stride with true Benny-gusto. As they weeks progressed, it became extremely clear that Benny had chosen his fur-ever home (including his best furry fren) and they have made it official!! CONGRATULATIONS to Benny and his new furever family ❤


BENNY PUPDATE – SURGERY #2 COMPLETED!! Benny had his second FHO surgery, this time on the left side. Benny is recovering and doing well and, due to the delay of this pupdate/post, is officially out of his cone!! Now on for his second stent of physical therapy!!

We are OVERJOYED that his surgery was a complete success, but these surgeries come with a cost. Even with the discounts, they are BIG bills for a small rescue. Can you help us with paying for Benny’s second surgery (complete cost of this surgery was $2269) – this only ensures we can continue to RESCUE DOGS THAT DESERVE A CHANCE TO BE LOVED ❤

NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL – we appreciate your support of rescue!

Pictures courtesy of Benny’s foster family ❤


Sweet Benny 🐾 We know you’ve been waiting for an update!! Benny has been through quite a journey, with a few miles left to go! Benny loves people and dogs of every size! Benny was inadvertently run over 💔 He suffered a broken hip and a fracture of the other leg. Benny is in rehab and meeting the challenges with true puppy-gusto!! A huge thank you to the rehab department at SVRC!! Unfortunately, it was discovered on his follow up xrays that Benny’s other hip is fractured as well 💔 After rehab, gaining flexion and muscle, he will have to undergo another FHO surgery. We want to thank everyone that donated to Benny’s first FHO – but we need to ask for help for Benny again. PLEASE consider a donation of ANY AMOUNT – we can’t do this without you 🐾❤️

After his medical has been completely addressed, Benny will be available for adoption ❤️ Stay tuned for more updates!!

BENNY PUPDATE #1 June 26, 2021

PULEEZE pet me 🐾

Happy scorchin Saturday 🔥☀️🔥 pupdate on Benny 🐾
Benny underwent surgery and all indications are that the surgery was 100% succesful!! Now, Benny is under close supervision by the staff and doctors at our friends at @Mercy Animal Hospital in Fair Oaks and his pawsome foster family ❤️ Benny will have office rechecks every few days with splint changes.

Not only does Benny sport the cone of shame, but his right back leg is splinted (nondisplaced tibia fracture) and his left back leg leg was shaved for surgical intervention for his hip. Benny is eating great and taking all his medicine like a champ!! He is not allowed to try walking yet, but we can’t wait to show you when he can!!

This boy is sweet as they come and uses his eyes 👀 for attention… I mean, it works 🤦‍♀️🤣❤️🐾❤️

Shout out to all you donors that have contributed to his expenses, the surgeon, the staff and doctors at Mercy Pet Hospital and especially to his foster home ❤️🐾❤️

Photos courtesy of his foster family

Welcome to Rescue Benny <3

9-1-1 URGENT FUNDS NEEDED!!! 9-1-1
Lil Benny has been involved in an accident with a car and needs SURGERY!!! Any donation of any amount is appreciated:

Benny is just 13 weeks old. He is UNABLE TO WALK with a left nondisplaced tibia fracture/paw pad injury AND a right leg fracture that needs urgent FHO surgical intervention!!

Thank you to the staff at Mercy Pet Hospital at Fair Oaks for bringing Benny to our attention!