ADOPTED <3 Malcomb

Malcomb came to Shepherds Without Borders after being discovered at City of Stockton Animal shelter. The shelter was over capacity and this lil cutie needed help <3 A few days before Christmas, his rescue train arrived and Malcomb “broke outta jail”.

Malcomb spent some time with a special foster family in the area and then made his way up to the PNW by way of the Underdog Railroad ( to a family who had been waiting for the right pup to come along. After spending just a few short days in his foster home, he managed to turn his foster family into his FOREVER FAMILY <3 CONGRATULATIONS to Malcomb and his new family <3

Photography courtesy of Sucha Sukjaem

Malcomb is a GSDx who is about 2-3 months old. He is microchipped, up-to-date on vaccines, crate savvy and working hard on house-training. A sweet young lil fellow he seems to make doggy friends very quickly and loves to follow around his furry foster sister and PLAY BALL <3

Photography courtesy of Sucha Sukjaem

Malcomb is a male GSDx, about 2-3 months old, who was pulled from City of Stockton Animal Shelter during a plea from the shelter saying they were overcapacity. Thanks to some VERY special people, Malcomb made it out of the shelter less than a week before Christmas and to his foster family <3

Photography courtesy of Malcomb’s foster family <3