ADOPTED **Nala**

Under a week ago, Miss Nala traveled to the PNW and into her new foster home. As she fit so perfectly into their home, her adoption journey is now complete <3 Congratulations to Nala and her new family!!!

Nala, a parvovirus survivor, continues to grow, learn and gain weight. She is thought to have been born about 08/15/2019. She is a STUNNING, beautiful, sable GSD pup who loves to play. Nala is a more confident girl of the bunch and acts as the “mommy” of the group, showing concern for a sibling who is scared or needs comfort – she doesn’t hesitate to let them know they are doing something wrong either! She is food motivated and loves to TALK TALK TALK!

Nala is up to date on her vaccines, as age appropriate. She is microchipped, working hard on potty manners and crate manners. She knows how to sit and take a treat.

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Photography courtesy of Sam Clark

She has not yet completed the full series of vaccines due to her age and has not been spayed yet due to her age. She is microchipped and has begun her puppy vaccines.

Nala and her siblings have tested negative for shedding the parvovirus.

Photos courtesy of Nala’s awesome foster family <3

She LOVES to be held and snuggled and can be a talker! She seems to be courageous and inquisitive and loves new adventures (mastering stairs video:

She loves food and being held and is doing absolutely awesome thanks to her foster family. The puppies are being introduced to other adult dogs (multiple breeds) and a few cats. They are learning and perfecting pottying outside, what a crate js and being exposed to a leash and collar <3

** PLEASE NOTE: For any questions regarding medical status of these pups please direct them to If you have general questions about the parvovirus, please talk to your personal veterinarian. Thank you for not calling the vet clinic that treated these babies (and our “F” litter) as they are EXTREMELY busy saving other lives. ** Thank you!

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Please note that the pups will not be moved from their current foster until they ALL test negative for shedding the virus, they are microchipped and have age-appropriate vaccines. The pups are working hard on mastering “potty outside” and crating <3

UPDATE: Nala is being released from the hospital!!! WE ARE ELATED!!!! Thank you for your love, support and donations to her care <3 She is so precious <3

UPDATE: Nala (female) and her sister and brother have been admitted to the hospital for acute care and stabilization. They are in rough shape and thought to be only about 4-6 weeks old. They are covered in fleas and ticks and are small, dirty and thin. An IV has been placed, as well as a nasogastric tubes to decompress the stomach. They are receiving electrolyte and other nutritional support. We are praying and hoping for them to pull through this <3 Donations are appreciated.

UPDATE: We are on our way to the shelter to pick up 3 puppies; sadly, 2 more were lost last night (orange collar was among them). We have green collar (female), white collar (male) and no collar (female) that still need our help. We only know one is not doing well. They are being rushed to the same hospital that treated our F litter – please continue to share and send prayers and/or good vibrations for these lil ones.

The Beginning of the story …

The beginning of this story begins when a “box” of babies were found in a field without a momma and without any clues to where they started their young lives. They were taken to the shelter. On that day, seven beautiful innocent babies entered into the shelter and were tagged for rescue by Shepherds Without Borders. One was very sick and gained their angel wings that day. The parvo tests were negative originally negative, but the morning, another sick puppy tested positive. Another angel gained its wings the second night. They are act like they are starving and are dehydrated. Precious souls …

There are only 5 left. There are 3 females and 2 males fighting for their lives with vet care in the shelter. We are actively raising funds for medical treatment as it is so expensive to treat this terrible virus.