Miss Olive’s rescue journey sure did take some bends and twists. After being adopted shortly after arriving to the PNW, it became clear that Olive had some skeletons hidden in her closet. Loving to a fault, those she lived with, she was having some trouble adjusting to ANY strangers. A decision was made to return her back to her long-time foster home in California where she felt safe and could decompress until working on her behavior.

There, she fit right back into the “dog pack” and human pack, but she she still showed some residual fear issues with some people from her long-time tenure as a breeding girl. While she got along perfectly with other dogs, human contact was probably a bit scarce over the first 8 years; in short, she lacked human socialization.

Olive’s long time foster family was moving and planning a wedding, so we sought out the help of someone that Olive knew and trusted; insert her current hooman “mom”. Olive got to know her from the long trip to Oregon from California and she agreed to help. We wanted to offer this sweet girl EVERY chance we could to have a good life. We sent her to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to the Behavior Science Department to see what could be done to help Olive and, her new foster was on board with helping her.

After several classes and several protocols, Olive seemed to relax and trust. She had a great home, a great doggy family and a great human family, she sort of decided that she was where she belonged. After a few months, her foster “mom” got on board and decided to make it official – Makes one wonder… did Olive plan this all along???? Well played ole girl, well played <3

*** ADOPTED ***

Photography courtesy of Sam Clark 

Olive is a sweet lady who is approximately 8 years old. Olive is microchipped, current on all vaccines, spayed, heartworm negative, and housebroken.  Her recent blood work tells us she is very healthy and likely has lots of years of love to share. She is an all-black “coated or longhair” lady. She has exhibited the ability to get along with other dogs and children above the age of 5. Olive has a medium activity level and loves doggy beds and toys. She is a sweet, timid girl who loves to be right beside her humans and soaks up love like sunshine.  Please click here to apply to adopt Olive:  Adoption Application

Photo courtesy of Olive’s foster family ❤️

If you would like to adopt Olive, please let us know by filling out an adoption application here:  Applications

The following photos were taken PRIOR to Olive’s coat and weight returning – it’s been a long road to healthy!