We are so excited to announce that Otis has chosen his furever family <3 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Otis is a tall (like REALLY tall) handsome boy – this boy’s legs are only out-shadowed by his big heart <3 He is approximately 6-years-old, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. Otis has lived his entire life as a much loved pet to his previous “mum and dad”. Unfortunately, they both have passed away and Otis is looking for a new family to call his own. He has been vetted, vaccinated and been on flea/tick and heartworm prevention his entire life. One of his mum’s last wishes was that Otis come to Shepherds Without Borders rescue and find a new home; we want to fulfill that last wish in it’s entirety.

Otis has been an inside dog, except for those trips out to the pasture to RUN! He loves to run this way and that and has a moderate activity level, but most of all he loves TREATS (and sneaky tongue kisses)! He knows sit, shake, down and stay. Otis has been exposed to a crate, but has been left alone in a house without any issues and is housebroken. Otis prefers some room to roam outside or an active family that will take him for leash adventures. We do not know if Otis has ever met a small dog or cat. Otis rides GREAT in the car and just watches out the window at the world passing him by.

Otis is currently spending a few weeks in training to polish off his training and leash skills with our friends at Pet Village in Salem, Oregon. He has lived with another dog previously (Misty), but he says that she can be a bit bossy and unaccepting of his shenanigans, so getting a family of his own would be just fine with him!

To apply to adopt Otis or another rescued GSD, click here: Adoption Application