Parvo babies Arlo, Olaf, Belle and Anna

On 09/18/2019 we received a rescue call out for 7 malnourished babies that had been abandoned in a field. Crawling with a few types of ticks and fleas, these poor babies were dehydrated and in really rough shape. The test for parvovirus was negative, but Arlo gained his angel wings that night in the shelter. The remaining 6 were tagged for rescue, but the next test for the parvovirus was positive; our hearts broke, but we were determined to help them. The shelter was supporting them as best they could with subQ fluids and antibiotics. Hang on babies!!

Knowing that we could not support the costs without donations, we hoped we could count on our supporters and an urgent plea went out for raising funds. Just 1 day later there were only 4 left. Olaf & Belle were gone. With plans already in the works for picking them up next morning, Anna gained her wings.

Thank you to the Stockton Animal Shelter and staff for their efforts and love of these sweet babies who gained their angel wings so young.

Pictured above: Arlo, Flynn, Anya, Nala, Olaf, Belle, Anna (Survived: Flynn, Anya and Nala)