*** ADOPTED *** Rue

Rue has been adopted by his foster mom & dad!  What a lucky boy!!!  Congratulations Rue!

Rue had his charm turned up full force when he met his foster mom … I think its safe to say, it was love at first sight.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Photography courtesy of Sam Clark.

Rue is 11 weeks old and was born to momma Sage in a high intake/kill shelter on 05/15-05/16 (see Rue’s birth story below).  Rue is a sweet active boy who loves to walk himself on a leash.  Rue is microchipped and has begun his vaccine series.  He has been working on potty training, but still needs time for perfection.  He is not yet neutered due to his age.

Rue is searching for his perfect fur-ever family that will continue to help him become the best dog he can be.  Reu has exhibited the ability to get along with other dogs, both large and small.  We do not know if he has ever met a cat.  Rue has a sweet disposition and middle activity range for a puppy.

To apply to adopt a rescued GSD, click here Adoption Application

My Birth Story by Rue

My momma, Sage, was brought in as a stray to a shelter on 05/04/2018, pregnant.  Rescue came for her, but she wasn’t able to leave until 05/16/2018.  The nice people from Shepherds Without Borders, begged and begged for momma to get out early and momma tried her best to get the volunteer to let them take her, but, I guess rules are rules.  A volunteer was there early the morning of 05/16 and was waiting for the shelter to open .. but we surprised everyone by arriving sometime the night before/morning of 05/15-05/16.  I was born with 5 other siblings in the shelter.

Sadly, I lost a brother “Lil Bud” shortly after leaving the shelter with that really nice rescue volunteer due to a birth defect at our first vet appointment.  Those nice volunteers cried a lot and they promised that Bud would never be homeless again.

Then, momma Sage welcomed my sister, Daisy, a few hours later!  She was really a surprise!

Within a week our little family of 7 again faced another hardship; kennel cough.  While kennel cough alone is usually not serious, we were just a week-old and not old enough to take the best known antibiotic treatment for kennel cough.  For many weeks and many vet visits, we were all loved and cared for under the eyes of our loving foster family and our attentive momma, Sage.   Momma got a uterine infection and also was treated with antibiotics.  It seemed like we were always going to a vet appointment, but finally all 6 of us puppies and our momma recovered with no known lasting effects.  We grew and were lovingly taken care of by a nice foster family and momma.  The nice people at SWB rescue says we are finally old enough to get a family of our own – that we are ready for adoption <3  Hey, as long as I have someone who will let me hold my leash and will shower me with love, I am up for it!

Love. Rue

PS – If you would like to donate to this rescue, I know they would appreciate it, cuz they want to save more lives – just like they saved mine <3  Thank you <3 Donate