Congratulations to princess Sage!!  <3  She found 2 loving princes to share her fur-ever life with <3



Sage arrived safe and happy to the Pacific Northwest in the early morning of 08/18/2018, thanks to CruzinPawz transport.  Right off the van, we could see just how incredibly special Sage is.  She is a true diamond in the rough and her personality outshines her troubled past.  She sits for treats and takes them gingerly.  She watched everything with her stunning eyes, yet does not bark or makes a sound.  Sage is searching for her fur-ever home and loving family to help wash away all the hurt and disappointment she has had in her life.  She is young, beautiful and sweet beyond our wildest dreams.   See below for more information about her rescue story!

Photography courtesy of Sam Clark

Momma Sage is searching for her forever family!

Sage is a 1-2 year old female GSD.  She is UTD on vaccines, microchipped and spayed.  Sage greets all humans, including children, as though they were her long lost friend; she knows no stranger.  She loves to follow her person from room to room and get lots of love.  Sage came to rescue from a high intake/kill shelter (see her rescue story below) where she gave birth to 6 precious babies.

She has exhibited the ability to get along with large and small dogs.  Sage has horrible scars on all four of her legs.  While we do not know what happened, she seems to get a long well with a bit of a gait deformity when she runs (and she can get up and go!) and seems completely pain free.  Due to an irreparable tendon past injury, Sage is not a candidate for a family looking for a long distance running partner or for long distance hiking.  She has been seen by a vet and we believe her to live a normal life with regular home activity and lots of LOVE <3  To apply to adopt Sage or another rescued GSD, click here:  Adoption Application

Sage’s Rescue Story

Sage entered into a high intake shelter on 05/04/2018.  Young, pregnant and with horrible scars on her legs, things were not looking good for this sweet pregnant momma weighing only 61 pounds.  Enter in a few rescue angels and, on 05/16/2018, Sage was sprung from the shelter the morning after she gave birth to 6 precious babies dubbed “Sage’s piglets”.   Shortly after leaving the shelter, a precious piglet was lost due to a birth deformity; Lil Bud.

With many tears the volunteers and friends of SWB were mourning the loss of this sweet baby when Sage surprised us all and gave birth to the last lil piglet, Daisy.   Sage was welcomed into a foster angel home where she gained weight and welcomed motherhood like she had been a momma a million times over.  Sage was treated for a uterine infection and her babies became sick with kennel cough and pneumonia.  Her doting foster parents worked hard and slept by her and her piglets during this touch and go time.  With love, medicine, oxygen and a vet visits, every one pulled through and flourished.  While it is evident that Sage has quite a past, her sweet loving nature shines through with her smile that lights up a room <3